Paris Seminar on Economics and Philosophy


Le Hors-série Tracés 2013 portera sur les croisements entre philosophie et sciences sociales. Un séminaire, organisé à Paris, aborde ces questions à partir du lien entre économie et philosophie.

 Paris Seminar on Economics and Philosophy

Organized by Gustaf Arrhenius, Marc Fleurbaey, Johan E. Gustafsson, and Stéphane Zuber.

The Paris Seminar on Economics and Philosophy is part of the Franco-Swedish Program in Philosophy and Economics funded by RJ and FMSHCEM. The main aim of this interdisciplinary program is to bring moral and political philosophy and economic theory to bear on the analysis, justification, and criticism of political and economic institutions and public policies.

The seminar is held in English and open to all. The meetings occur on Wednesdays at:

Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme
190 avenue de France
75013 Paris

Program 2013

Date Time Room Presenter Title
Jan 16 10–12 1 Wlodek Rabinowicz Aggregating Value Judgments
Jan 30 10–12 1
Feb 13 15–17 3 Bruce Chapman
Feb 27 15–17 1 Lea Ypi
Mar 27 15–17 1 Shlomi Segall
Apr 10 15–17 1
Apr 24 10–12 1
May 15 15–17 1 Iwao Hirose
May 29 10–12 2 Michael J. Zimmerman
Jun 12 10–12 2 Annabelle Lever Democracy, Public Goods and Intellectual Property
Jun 26 10–12 1 Chandra Kumar

Program 2012

Date Time Room Presenter Title
Jan 25 13–15 2 Koen Decancq The Evolution of Global Inequality: Absolute, Relative and Intermediate Views [ JPEG ]
Feb 15 13–15 1 Shlomi Segall Saving by Numbers? Fairness in Life and Death Cases [ JPEG ]
Feb 29 13–15 1 Johan E. Gustafsson Value-Preference Symmetry and Fitting-Attitude Accounts of Value Relations
Mar 14 13–15 2 Speranta Dumitru Skilled Migration and Equality of Opportunity: Three Arguments against the Bhagwati Tax [ JPEG ]
Mar 28 13–15 2 Folke Tersman Intuitional Disagreement
Apr 4 13–15 1 Erik Malmqvist Kidney Sales and the Analogy with Dangerous Employment
May 2 13–15 1 Vito Peragine Equality of Opportunity and Goals
May 9 13–15 2 Geir Asheim Rank-Discounted Utilitarianism with Variable Population [ PDF ]
May 16 13–15 1 Martin Peterson Multi-Dimensional Consequentialism
May 23 13–15 2 Giacomo Valletta Health, Fairness and Taxation
May 30 13–15 1 Katie Steele Can Free Evidence Be Bad?: Value of Information for the Imprecise Probabilist
Jun 6 13–15 3 Matthew Adler The Social Value of Mortality Risk Reduction: VSL versus the Social Welfare Function Approach
Jun 13 13–15 1 Erik Carlson Generalized extensive measurement for lexicographic orders
Jun 22 13–15 2 Larry Kranich Equality of Opportunity vs. Innovation


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